Danny is one of our newest members.  In his first win with Jacksonville Bass Club, he won at The St. John's River (Salt Sun) in January 2013 with 21.18 lbs, beating Tim Mann by less than 1 oz.  In April 2013, he placed 2nd at Rodman with 14.34 lbs.  He placed 3rd in August 2013 with 11.18 lbs and big bass of 7.30 lbs. out of the St. Johns River - Palatka.  He took 3rd at The St. Johns River (Astor) in November 2013 with 12.56 lbs.  He took 1st at Astor in February 2014 with 14.94 lbs ans had the big bass of 5.57 lbs.  He took 3rd at Rodman in April 2014 with 11.10 lbs.  Danny placed 2nd in January 2016 at Astor with 13.39 lbs.  He took 2nd at Lake Kerr in February 2020.

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