PLACE                   BODY OF WATER             MONTH/YEAR

1st                      St. John's River (Welaka)       Feb. 2010

1st                     St. John's River (Black Creek) April 2011

1st                     Harris Chain (Classic)            May 2013

1st                     St. John's River (Welaka)       Aug. 2014

2nd                     Lake Seminole (Classic)        May 2006

2nd                     Lake Santa Fe                        Nov. 2010

2nd                    St. Johns River (Astor)          Feb. 2008

3rd                      Lake Rousseau                      Jan. 2010

3rd                      St. John's River (Astor)          Nov. 2012   

3rd                     Lake Sampson                        July 2013

3rd                     St. Johns River (Astor)           Jan 2016


James is a native of Yawkey, West Virginia and has been a member of Jacksonville Bass Club since 1999.  He has lived in Jacksonville since 1986.  James is a very consistant angler.  He also fishes with the Baker County Bassmasters.  

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