PLACE                   BODY OF WATER              MONTH/YEAR


1st                           Rodman Reservoir             April 2008

1st                          Lake Sampson                    Nov. 2008

1st                          Lake Toho                          April 2009

1st                          St. Johns River - Palatka    July 2009

1st                          Rodman Reservoir             Sept. 2009

1st                          St. Johns River - Palatka    August 2013

1st                          St. Johns River - Trout Ck   Sept. 2014

1st                          Lake Sampson                    June 2008

1st                          Lake Sampson                   June 2017

2nd                          Lake Toho                         Feb. 2012

2nd                         St. Johns River - Welaka   Mar. 2012

2nd                         St. Johns River - Crescent  Sept. 2013

2nd                         Rodman Reservoir             April 2014

3rd                          St. Johns River - Palatka     Sept. 2008

3rd                          Lake Lochloosa                  June 2010

3rd                          Rodman Reservoir             April 2013

3rd                          St. Johns River - Palatka    July 2012

3rd                          Rodman Reservoir             Oct. 2013

3rd                          St. John's River - Welaka   August 2014

3rd                          Rodman Reservoir              Oct. 2016

3rd                          Rodman Reservoir             Aug, 2017

3rd                          Welaka                                 Oct. 2017



2008- 2009 Angler of the Year


2007- 2008 Classic Champion - Lake Walk-in-Water


Karl joined Jacksonville Bass Club in 2002 as a result of the Outhouse Anglers merger.   Karl is a native of Jacksonville and has also fished with Fishers of Men.  

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