PLACE                   BODY OF WATER             MONTH/YEAR

1st                           Harris Chain                    Oct. 2007

1st                           St. John’s River                Nov. 2007

1st                           St. John’s River                Sept. 2008

1st                           Rodman Reservoir           June 2009

1st                           St. John’s River                Nov. 2009

1st                         Lake Rousseau                 Jan. 2010

1st                         Rodman Reservoir        Sept. 2010

1st                         Lake Santa Fe               Nov. 2010 

1st                        St. John's River-Welaka Jan 2011

1st                        St. John's River-Palatka July 2011

1st                        Rodman Reservoir         Oct. 2011

1st                        St. John's River -Black   Dec. 2011

2nd                        St. John's River                 Feb. 2010

2nd                          St. John’s River                July 2009

2nd                          St. John’s River                August 2009

2nd                          Lake George                    Jan. 2009

2nd                          Santa Fe                          Dec. 2009

2nd                          Talquin Classic               2008-2009            

3rd                           Rodman                          March 2009

3rd                          Rodman                          April 2010

3rd                          Tsala Apopka Classic     2009-2010 

3rd                          Rodman                          March 2011

3rd                          St. John's River (Astor)   Nov. 2011

3rd                          St. John's River (Welaka) March 2012



2004-2005 Season

2007-2008 Season

2009-2010 Season





2005-2006, Lake Seminole



Loren is one of Jacksonville Bass Club's resident "professional anglers".  Loren has a long history of tournament wins, angler of the year titles and classic wins.  Loren currently serves as the club's Chaplain and was formerly the club's secretary.  

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